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Book Wizard Reader 1.5

DAISY e-book reader with text-to-speech capabilities
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Opens Daisy e-books and displays the text, reads them out loud or both (highlighting the fragment that you're currently hearing). Works with OPF packages and DAISY 2.02 books.

Book Wizard Reader is a DAISY book reader developed by the American Printing House for the Blind that will allow you to make the most of the endless possibilities that this new standard of digital talking book offers you. Its self-voiced interface will help you navigate through the structured audio, text (when available), and Braille, of both DAISY 2.02 books and OPF package files containing a DAISY/NISO Z39.86-2002 file set.

This well-structured and fully-accessible application has been developed to help blind and visually impaired persons to read digital talking books in their PCs. It supports all the functionality available for DAISY 2.02 books, regardless of the level of navigability applied to it. It is also capable of handling protected DAISY books, asking for the corresponding authorization key when necessary.

DAISY books may contain text, audio, or synchronized text and audio, as well as a wide variety of navigability features. When audio and text are present, Book Wizard Reader will play back the audio while highlighting the corresponding text, all perfectly synchronized. Whenever the text is included in the DAISY book, you will be able to make use of some specific features, such as its searching capability. This will allow you to locate a specific fragment of text, and tell the program to play it for you. Besides, this tool offers you a Braille viewer that will show you a visual representation of this tactile reading system. Finally, when no audio is present (i.e. a DAISY/NISO book with just the XML file), Book Wizard Reader will make use of its Text-To-Speech support and will allow you to listen to it using a synthetic voice.

You can easily move through any DAISY book by using its navigability options – go to the start or the end of the book; move up or down a level; go to the next/previous phrase, chapter, page, or section; and, of course, the traditional fast-forward and rewind options. You can also set up as many bookmarks as you wish, and go back to your favorite passages with just a few keystrokes (the program will remember an unlimited number of bookmarks for each of your books). Finally, its high-quality Speed Up and Slow Down functionalities, will allow you to customize the audio speed to your preferences.

When it comes to its accessibility features, Book Wizard Reader offers you self-voiced menu options and dialogues, as well as an extensive list of hotkeys, thus making it very simple to operate for any blind and visually impaired user.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Fully accessible interface
  • Support for protected DAISY books
  • Braille viewer for a Braille representation of the text of the book


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